Social Media Messaging, LeadingAge PA


To: LeadingAge PA Team

Re: LeadingAge PA Twitter Messaging, March 2012

The following is suggested social media messaging for LeadingAge PA’s Twitter feed:

  • Check out our latest print and video blogs discussing the future of senior care in Pennsylvania!
  • “We can’t continue to meet the needs of our senior citizens by constantly restricting the budget for those services”
  • The state needs to recognize that proper funding must be available for services like personal care and assisted living.
  • President Ron Barth expresses disappointment that state budget isn’t keeping pace with the needs of senior citizens.
  • PA’s senior service system is outdated and stuck in 1960’s mode- we need to start moving forward!
  • See what LeadingAge PA President Ron Barth has to say about Pa’s proposed 2012-13 state budget on our blog!
  • We have a vastly expanding senior population and need the proposed 2012-13 state budget to acknowledge their needs.
  • “There should be a way for a person to go and get accessed for the type of services that they need” –Ron Barth,
  • Read the full interview with LeadingAge PA president Ron Barth about the proposed 2012-13 state budge on our blog!
  • If all senior services are funded properly, it can put a downward pressure on the demand for nursing facilities.
  • Nursing facilities and transitional care facilities are very important, but are not the whole part of senior services
  • What are the upcoming challenges in the proposed 2012-13 state budget for senior services? Take a look at our blog!
  • What does LeadingAge PA president Ron Barth advise to move the 2012-13 state budget into the 21st Century? Read here

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