Final: How to Promote My Blog

Top 5 things to promote your blog:

  1. Write quality content and post regularly- Updating your blog regularly will provide your followers with a reason to keep coming to your site. Nobody wants to keep checking on one of the bloggers they follow if they don’t post regularly. Also, it is important to write well and produce quality content. If you have bad grammar, misspelled words, and disorganized thoughts you probably won’t have many people looking to read your posts. This is why I try to proof read my posts as much as possible and even read them aloud for friends and family to hear in an effort to make them as well-written as I can.
  2. Write search engine “friendly”- Search engines are an important part of trying to promote your blog. You should make sure to post titles and post page archiving, When you’re writing your post, try to write as descriptive as possible and about something specific, so your post winds up near the top of any search result.
  3. Link to other blogs- People who are already following or browsing other blogs are the type of audience you want to start by trying to attract, seeing as they already appreciate and like following blog posts. When you link to other blogs, you give that other blogger their opportunity for promoting their page, and they might just do the same thing for you. Also, perhaps commenting on these bloggers posts and saying that you’ve talked about a similar issue, they probably won’t mind if you share a link to your own site.    —For example, I would link some of my more politically oriented blog posts to:,, These are insightful, politics blogs that might share similar thoughts to my own. Linking to these sights would help contextualize my own ideas while demonstrating my own efforts to become more active in the blogger sphere.
  4. Be an active commenter- Similar to what is described in the previous method of promotion, when you comment on another person’s blog site, all of their followers have the opportunity to see what you write and even check out your page. If you write a well written and insightful comment, they might want to see some of the other things you write.   —We all utilized this several times throughout the semester (35 minimum, to be exact). I would continue to comment on other blogs, perhaps more popular ones. For example, some humorous blogs that I have particularly liked and have commented on include:,,
  5. Post links to your blog site on your various social networking pages (like Facebook or Twitter) and/or email the link to family/friends- This promotes your page among the people who are already interested in what you have to say or talk to you on a regularly basis. Maybe they just never knew you write a blog and if they see your link or a page suggestion for one of your posts, they’ll like it and start following.  If I had something particularly interesting to say on my blog one day, I would update my facebook status with a link to my blog, encouraging my friends to go there and check it out.

There are several persuasive techniques that you could use to successfully perform these tasks and promote your blog. First and most importantly is first method, to write quality content and post regularly. In order to create well-written arguments in your blog, one must utilize all the various rhetorical techniques we’ve been learning this semester.

The same applies to active commenting on other people’s blogs. When you comment on another’s blog you shouldn’t just try to tell them what they want to hear like, “that was great, sooooo well written!” etc. Instead, tell them what you thought of their argument (minus anything clearly offensive) and then supplement their thoughts with those of your own. This allows that blogger and others reading your comment to appreciate your insight on the topic and click on your blog to check out what else you have to say. Make sure that in your comment you incorporate some rhetorical strategies (because, after all, you’re making a mini-argument in the comment). This could include appeals to emotion or reason, including facts/statistics or appeals to authority, witty remarks or sarcasm to essentially entertain the audience, etc.

When you post a link to your blog or a page suggestion for it on your social networking sites, it is important that you highlight it in an appealing way. Give those who stumble across it a reason to check out what you have to say, maybe by posing a rhetorical question that you analyze in your blog post.



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