“Let’s get it on”

     Well, here’s an interesting enough article written by my columnist, LZ Granderson. Titled, “‘Date Night’ was ruining my love life,” the article expresses a very bold statement a mere nine lines in, “[date night] was ruining my sex life.” Well, okay, I guess that result does seem to be a little counter-productive, frustrating I’m sure. LZ goes on to describe why this has happened, making the argument that having a routine, weekly Date Night set aside for “romance” made it… well, unromatic, and frankly, pretty boring.

     The witty sarcasm of the collumnist really shines through in this article, and seeing him so thoroughly support such a light-hearted arguement (as opposed to war, depression, poverty, abortion, etc) with vivid examples and logical deductions is great. LZ doesn’t just go off on a tangent griping about how much it stinks when two spouses have such busy schedules. Rather, he bodly describes his own personal struggles with Date Night, adds a statistic from the U.S. Burea of Labor Statistics, testimony from a friend, and clear reasons to support each attack against the activity.  In fact, I’m never a fan of just reading an all-out, super negative, complain-fest and if LZ’s article was anything like that I’d have been more bored than him on his 14th in a row Thursday Date Night.

     One of the most fascinating points he brings up in the article is in his concluding paragraph. Paraphrasing, he says that he did not write this article about the tradegy of conflicting schedules, routine blah-ness of a regular Date Nate, or how crazy it is to keep up the romance in a home full of kids as a confession of being unhappy. In fact, he expressly stated how happy he is with his partner and that he’s “resisting any construct that could undersmine the most essential element for any long term couple: passion.” My first thought after reading that sentence was how perfectly the exact language he chose articulated his point. In my view, he did an unbelievable job condenscing what his entire article was arguing into one clear and concise sentence. It is very important for a good rhetorician to be able to communicate their whole message in a precise and elegent way like LZ has. It demonstrates mastery of your argument, and if asked directly to summarize your message you’ll have an easier time articulating it than verbally fumbling around for the right words.


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